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. georgetown university's head women's basketball coach keith brown is speaking at a pep rally beside his team. more than a year later, going into his second season, brown has been pulled as the hoyas coach. sources tell abc7 news the complaints were recently made again browns, his use of disrespectful language used at his players will no longer be tolerated. they released a statement that reads, in part, questions were raised about unprofessional conduct and inappropriate language in coaching the georgetown's women's basketball team. as soon as we learned of this, the university started an investigation. head coach keith brown and tim valentine are on administration leave. no word why tim valentine is on leave, but we hear that coach brown commonly used swearing and humiliating language and tactics to get results. players have left and more may follow. students we spoke with are hopeful the university will conduct a thorough and fair investigation. >> hate to hear it is happening on our campus, especially in place i feel that women are welcome. >> tough coaching works but not when it is demea
governor jerry brown signs a law allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for drivers licenses. california is now one of 11 states that has enacted such law. >>> take a look at this rare two-headed calf. it is in vermont. vets say she is perfectly healthy. >>> turning to business. as we mentioned the dow dipped below 15,000 and you won't be getting unemployment numbers today since the government is partially closed. >>> twitter is looking to raise $1 billion. twitter earned 87% of the revenue so far this year from advertising but it has lost about $70 million in the first half of the year. >>> bank error in your favor to the tune of a few trillion dollars. it happened to a handful of mississippi bank customers who woke up to trillions of dollars. bancorp south corrected the errors. >>> adobe announces this morning that they have been hacked resulting in 3 million accounts being compromised. information removed includes incrypted credit cards. >>> critics say it is another example of wasteful government spending but supporters are promoting it as the world's biggest metal construction in ch
grams of the best afghan brown heroin. satisfaction guaranteed" it promises. we bought three and a half grams of m.d.m.a., a key ingredient in ecstasy and one gram of opium. well, the envelopes have arrived. it took just three days and now we're going to find out what's inside. we're at a government-licensed laboratory and they're going to test the contents for us. john ramsey is a toxicologist who spent nearly three decades analyzing drugs for the police. >> so we've gotten a almost perfect match for crystal. >> reporter: next he tested the opium we ordered. >> so we've got one small package which could be opium. >> reporter: it, too, tested positive. are you surprised these things are so readily available on the internet? >> yes, i am. we know there's a ready market in legal highs but these are illegal compounds and i'm surprised that it's relatively straightforward to buy them over the internet. >> suarez: those transactions were among more than a million others. silk road brokered more than one billion dollars in sales and its site listed nearly 13,000 offerings of illegal drugs and
to thank governor brown, for nominating me and confirming me as your poet laurit, and i would like to thank the arts council for doing the same and the university california river side and the department of transportation, and thank you so much. and i also wanted to introduce you to our youth poet of oakland, davis who is 70 years old and right there standing up. he is our new lauriet for oakland. >> thank you so much, my wife is right there, and who is my great inspiration and hadari who works so much for oakland and the arts. the bridge poem bay bridge inauguration poem, san francisco oakland bay bridge, september 2, 2013. for all bridge dreamers, bridge builders and bridge crossers. self-sustaining, and a light unto itself. the dark that lifts us and it sings us as we pass bay bridge, i see you now, your new design risen, above star waters, a new galaxy appears. a new trillion may we live in your safety and in your carriage, and in your heart. my all of your hours and all of your lights embrace us once again. and may we crawl across your shoulders as bird, fish, singers and may we be the
of those workers. jeffrey brown explains. >> brown: the awards are known as the sammys. the medalist are tara palmore and julie segre who used genome sequences to stop an infection from spreading through hospitals. morris williams brown worked only financial matters in the aftermath of the 2008 crisis, andrew rabbens handles kwraoupblg engagement for state department. daniel madrz wr +*rbgskowski i believe proved firefighting techniques. john mackinnon's forensic work led to the arrest of 55 people arrested for child pornography. this man oversaw the deliver riff of polio vaccine to children in india. david laveery was critical to the development of nasa's mars rover. antonio mendez helps free six diplomats trapped in iran and his story inspired last year's oscar-winning film "argo." joining me now is kevin geiss, the deputy assistant secretary for energy at the department of the air force. he worked on alternative fuels and helped save more than one billion dollars and welcome and congratulations to you. >> thank you, jeffrey. >> brown: so first i want to ask how does a person save
you to all of the great leaders. mayor brown and mayor quan and mayor lee and all those who pictures are symbolized throughout this hello. those who worked so hard to make this historic day come to past. now my pleasure to introduce the senator (clapping) >> yes 24 years since is earthquake. it's about time everybody isn't it? it's also while we're doing touch stones 8 years since the bay area delegation came together in a time of financial hardship when there was a question of the bridge maybe just being a ramp to the i'd like. and put together the program that led to every state owned bridge in california and i was proud as part of the bay area delegation at this time along with our majority leader ellen who's here and along with the senator with assemblyman john and, of course, brian kelly our new head of california trance who was working with the senator. as a delegation we put together a bill that i was proud to be able to carry a b-144 that led to this beautiful bridge today. my thought then and annoy is that this bridge brings to my mind little old labor song about braeld and
design we know will be an icon around the world. thank you, mayor brown for your push for a that iconic design the the idea of opening at night will see the splendor light. because we shouldn't just have a bridge we should have a symbol of resilience, of accomplishment of honor to all the men and women who participated in this and that's what we'll have for generations to come. navigate one thousand 5 hundred years to come. thank you very much willie brown for that. and what an incredible moment in history. that we have both mayors of san francisco and oakland being chinese-americans. we're linked to help build railroads with many of the chinese immigrants coming to san francisco to join in the immigration station just to reach our shores. this new bridge will not be just an engineer marvel but carrying 2 hundred and 80 thousand vehicles between san francisco and the east bay each day and hundreds of thousands of bicyclists at the same time. today marks the historic part of our region but it's a long ending of a long chapter after the 1989 earthquake. just 29 years ago it took 63 lives.
on the verge of of a shut down, and the milestone that has jerry brown going into the record books. >> good evening. outside the giants game just a few hours ago, tearful parents made a heart felt plea to get the suspect that killed their son behind betters. >> reporter: it was a bizarre contrast of emotions today. while fans arrived, a family devastated came to try to find some answers. as thousands of excited fans arrived for the last game of the giant's season, a small group of family and friends met outside the mourn jonathan denver. >> i will cherish the time me and me son spent here at the game. more than once that night jonathan told me how much he loved me. >> reporter: his family and friends held a news conference to ask for help in the death. it came after a series of confrontations after a group of dodgers fans and giants fan met. denver was killed in a fight near third and hair son after a game thursday night. >> tonight i'm making a a plea asking that anyone who witnessed the incident to come forward so both families can have some measure of closure. >> reporter: montgomery was
-old family member for years. he made a court appearance wearing a brown uniform. 7 felonies. >> forcible oral copalation, sex acts involving penetration of the young victim. this goes on until she is 17 and able to disclose it to authorities. >> the prosecutor says the abuse started when the child was 11. underwood faces 58 years. the district attorney says additional charges could be coming which could give him life. >>> a disturbing story out of hayward. richard mcleod was accused of sex crimes with 3 different minors between 1998 and 2007. >> he perpetrated it. >> the sex crimes of richard mcleod. >> at age 25 there is no justification for having sexual contact with a 12, 13, or 14- year-old. >> he has been an officer for 6 years. he ran an after school program called kid zone in livermore. police believe he committed sex acts with children at that time at several locations. >> the children were 12 to 14 and relationships maintained until 17 years old. >> reporter: from the looks of things it appears he has his own children, bikes, balls, and a toy police cruiser. >> he took them places or
2012, keith brown is speaking at a cap rally -- a pep rally for his team. hisar earlier, going into second season, brown has been pulled as the coach will stop >> -- coach. use of disrespectful language directed at his players will a longer be tolerated. a university spokesperson released a statement to abc 7 news that reads -- as soon as we learned of this, the university began an investigation. they had coach and assistant coach are on initiative lead. leave.nistrative we can tell you that multiple sources familiar with the program alleged that coach brown use swearing and humiliating tactics to get results. teamsm members left the in the last couple of years and more may follow. the students we spoke with think that the university will conduct a thorough and fair investigation. >> people are welcome. , tough and crazy works. not when it offends in any way. >> another huge development in the story. five members of the team came out and defended their coach. they admitted that he is tough. they say he is fair. >> we have a coach. i think this is unnecessary. crocs it is not to
to acknowledge the former mayor of san francisco willie brown who's here (clapping) >> it's not often you have clinton, cop in the same paragraph. they have the same initially a which stands for adorable. someone who you unfortunately saw in our list david and ron deducting men are here to represent their father. david and ron where you are? are they here. oh, their way in the back. wow. we shove gotten you guys better seats. alex had a rare combination of empathy and he was the quiet it. the bike path is named in his honor and we'll open it tomorrow in his memory. there are also on a lighter note four other folks who deserve a moment of recognition. their unstoppable advocates for the east span. they've plated different roles by all four confusing for the rest of us share the first name ryan. so without further ado the lives of ryan ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ so our first brian is brian patterson. he's the first one all in his glory (clapping) you know, brian was always the most nerve i didn't say guy on the job you think he would be worried about the steel but he was worried about our visits to the j
around, some known as brown. i'm going to reconnect with my inner person. we're going to need the indomitable will to overcome the blindness that stands in the way from our obvious destiny and future which is in renewable, sustainible, solar america and solar world. thank you very much. [cheering and applauding] [cheering and applauding] >> i just want to say i am humbled to have been able to introduce governor brown and very, very happy. you have here a room and concern, 20,000 people visiting who are all on the same line. thank you so much again. >> thank you. (applause) >> please don't leave the room. the governor, of course, has a tight schedule and has to leave us. but i am very, very encouraged. i think we couldn't have opened solar in any better way. this is really simulating from somebody who has really shown in all his life and all his professional achievements that this is the right direction. so, i'm very happy to introduce as our next speaker our distinguished mayor from this wonderful city of san francisco in which the california sun shines. i don't have to introd
of the draft resolution f,, 2013-12 in support of the department of envier menment's grant brown field's out reach services and you have a copy of the draft and the environmental justice program manager and perry language the black coalition on aids and this is a discussion and action item. >> thank you very much. and welcome. >> i am annie eng and we do a lot of multitasking and i am also as serving as the program manager for the green building program. and with me is rami co-worker and he has been with the environmental justice program and he does a lot of multitasking and works with the energy program as well. but, we are here to present and ask for your approval of the resolution to grant an award to black coalition on aids to perform brown field's out reach services some background united states epa awarded the department a grant to perform a community-wide assessment, and we will use this federal funding, to perform an inventory of the sites on the eastern side of the bay view community. and this is to support the green way, awarded of the open space corridor, e tending the bay trail s
the ban is unconstitutional. >> governor brown sails into the history works this week. jerry brown took nofs 1975 as the youngest governor today at 75 brown now in third term. brown's service exyeeting that and warren resigned to become chief justice of the u.s. supreme court. >> california is home to the largest concentration of fillin pinot americans in the country. and are celebrating with a major challenge to entrepreneurs and investors. the "new york times" says the singing legend is a cut above most broadway divas. she'll raise money to improve education levels. and is checking silicon valley with the philippines to create job asks encourage entrepreneurship among filipinos. it's the 36thth largest trading partner with goods with the united states yet one third live below poverty line. >> education, training and research, so in our through the help of the u.s., an entrepreneurship program that is unprecedented. >> she points out many americans have a a.chiefed success such as chief justice of california. and a major player in silicon valley. and slairl burke. for more information
near sacramento over the weekend. several residents spotted the brown bear and called authorities. he was going from yard to yard, folks even snapped pictures. you can see the bear in the tree. police also spotted the bear. the last call to 911 came in last night. so far no reports have been made since then. >>> the fog is coming in long the coast right now. you can see the fog working its way back in. it is in the forecast tonight. beautiful weekend. no fog. back now though. these were the highs today. warmer today. warmer again -- or cooler today, warmer tomorrow. the sprinkle activity this morning that trended temperatures down was cloudy for most of us. as the weather system powers into the pacific northwest they are getting winter. heavy rain and big wind and snow. temperatures outside right now, most numbers in the 60s and low 70s. 73 fairfield. the next couple days a warming trend. high temperatures back into the 70s and 80s into the bay area weekend. we could see a return of the fire danger friday night as the winds -- winds come around out of the northeast. fire danger increa
, jerry brown se dirigio a fresno entrevista jerry brown donde indico que el poder de los inmigrantes es muy fuerte alli.... una estudiante hispana agradecio al gobernador por lo que ella llama llevar al estado un paso mas cerca pare reparar un sistema de inmigracion destruido, concluyo... pero el alivio de la licencia toca tambien esperanzas de vida... en salinas por ejemplo manuel oliveros, a sus 20 anos de edad lucha contra una leucemia, cada mes su madre conduce dos horas para llevarlo a un centro especializado donde recibe tratamiento...... entrevista manuel es uno de los millones de indocumentad os que hoy celebran emotivamente con la esperanza que este documento los conduzca a un mejor futuro.... cesar ---recuerde que todavia no puede solicitar la licencia sino hasta aproximadamente dentro de un aÑo. pitch - blanca ---asi lo resalto hoy... la agencia encargada de expedir el documento, y pilar niÑo nos cuenta como se preparan y las recomendaciones que tienen por ahora para quienes lo van a solicitar. take pkg 0:01 0:18 1:53 pkg aunque tomara alrededor de un ano antes de que los i
n terminó frente al capitolio. >>> sí se pudo, así el gobernador jerry brown de california firmó la ley que permitiría a indocumentados solicitar licencia de conducir en ese estado. >>> nueva evidencia, un video muestra cómo se provocaron disturbios horas antes del ataque contra un tiro de esquina en nueva york. >>> y también ya es tormenta tropical se llama karen y avanza desde el sur de la florida a louisiana, comenzamos ♪. >>> este es su noticiero univisión con jorge ramos y maría elena salinas ♪. >>> muy buenas tardes, bienvenidos al noticiero univisión de hoy estamos en vivo desde la plaza alameda en huntington park en california, en un momento hablaremos de cómo dos millones de inmigrantes indocumentados podrían manejar en el estado de california, pero tenemos la noticia del día, que tiene que ver con un tiroteo cerca del capitolio, cuando los congresistas tenían que discutir del cierre de gobierno, pero esto lo paralizó todo, la mujer finalmente murió, y hay dos agentes heridos, y esto, por supuesto pospone un debate enorme de qué hacer cuando el gobierno se quedó
degree murder. >>> california governor jerry brown signs a law allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for driver's license. according to the national immigration law, california is one in 11 states that enacted a law for immigrants to get driver's licenses. >>> take a look at this rare two-headed cat in vermont. vets say she is perfectly healthy, though. she even eats and moves with both heads. that's quite a sight. >>> the dow dips below 15,000. you won't be getting unemployment numbers today since the government is partially closed. >>> might be the most hyped ipo since facebook as twitter is looking to raise $1 billion. twitter earned 80% of its revenue from advertising. it also logged about $70 million in the first half of this year. >>> a bank error in your favor to the tune of a trillion dollars. sounds pretty good to me. it happened to a handful of mississippi bank customers who woke up to trillions of dollars in their bank account. bancorpsouth corrected the error a few hours later. >>> a viewing tower made of 89 copper plates in china. critics say it's another example of wast
on cleveland. the browns are hungry for a third win and tied with the ravens. the browns travis benjamin with an unstoppable touchdown. late in the fourth, t.j. ward with the pick six sealing a victory for the browns, 37-24. the st. claire hospital in pittsburgh decked out babies in pry rats swag. precious. including bandanas and bats there. game one of the series. beltran blasts this 443 foot three-run homer in the third. he's tied with babe ruth for 15 postseason home runs. both are in eighth place overall. cardinals down the pie rots, 9-1. dodgers handle the braves winning, 6-1. >> squirrelling shenanigans. take a little nap there. he adopted a squirrel that popped up when a rainstorm came through. tiger seemed unenthused when she put him on his shoulder. he kind of warms up to it. i'm afraid they would bite. hey, you know what? sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. check this out. during a high school game, see that? it happened in iowa. a quarterback attempting a two-point conversion. he flips the ball behind his back before getting tackled and it's caught in the end zone. wa
around their players. sources the money with the team tell abc 7 news that brown curses at his players and teaches through humiliation, attacking players personally to the point of the moralizing athletes. five active players say they fully support coach brown. >> i think he is a good coach. >> four of the five players to talk with us our freshman. he haven't had much exposure to coach brown. not take ity do personally. >> you take what he says to heart, it is going to hurt your feelings. we are players in a big east conference. a coach not going to babysit us anymore. >> he is going to push us. if you can handle it, you can't handle it. >> coaches brown and valentine are on paid administrative leave as the investigation continues. jay korff, abc 7 news. >> thank you. moving on, look at the weather. temperatures on the rise. doug hill checks in with the border what month we are going to wake up to tomorrow. >> it will feel like i'm a morning -- a may morning. outside, a mild october night. a time lapse of southern frederick county, a high at 82 degrees. well above average. 69 degrees r
jim brown honored in the team's ring of honor. he retired in 1969. my word. t.j. of cleveland here in the bay area going the other way. 44 yards. the browns beat buffalo. 37 to 24. dodgers at atlanta. how cool is that. that started with florida state. the dodgers silenced everybody with gonzalez. matt kemp was the mvp and they aren't missing him. kershaw 3 hits, 1 run, 12 strikeouts. dodgers win 6--1. they play tomorrow. if you know, tweet, text, i will be here all night. josh will be in the line up. and bob melvin happy to be home. game one. >> it is night to open at home. last year we had the home field advantage and didn't open at home which is out of the ordinary. we know this can be a loud place. >> we have all the confidence in the world to start here at home. >> reporter: a quick tip when you are talking at the bars. melvin went to cal. his daughter wanted to be an actress, so he got a home in new york. isn't that nice? my daughter wants to be a news anchor so i stay here. tiger and kucher won at the international cup. >> fire in napa is 75% contained tonight. >>> a woman tr
it? speaking of senate race, does scott brown plan on running for the senate in new hampshire? does he plan on telling us? a blistering editorial this week told brown to put up or shut up. we'll talk with the man who wrote it. there are also democrats who have bigger, much bigger dreams for the woman who beat scott brown in massachusetts last year. what does the future hold for senator elizabeth warren? more importantly, is a future she even wants. plus the first named storm of the 2013 hurricane season to hit the united states is bearing down on the gulf coast. we actually want to begin with a brief update on that. bill kierans, good morning, bill. >> good morning to you, steve t. least thing we needed was a big storm coming on shore, the government would have to send fema during the shutdown. it looks like we will be a fawn event along the gulf coast. that's great news. can you go about your saturday morning. the storm looks very pathetic right now, actually, and considerably weakened overnight. it wouldn't surprise me at all if it gets downgraded further. so again, all good news
jerry brown, convirtio en ley el proyecto que permite a las personas sin documentos migratorios obtener una licencia de conducir. roll open under ---comenzamos nuestra cobertura especial en equipo con azucena gomez desde los angeles donde se estamp la firma.. take pkg ;01 ;30 1;05 1;21 1;36 si se se pudo. cantos, gritos y palabras de agradecimiento al gobernador jerry brown hicieron echo en el centro de los ngeles. gracias al gobernador por su liderazgo. i want to thank our governor. un aplauso para nuestro gobernador. políticos, activistas, líderes sindicales y miembros de la comunidad fueron testigos del histórico paso que da california al otorgar licencias de conducir a los indocumentados... sot jerry browncelebrates la union california is a place of dreams is also a place of realities and this reality today is not about politics it's about the people that are standing around who contribute to make california what it is. "california es un lugar de sueños pero también de realidades. y esta realidad de hoy no es de política dijo el mandatario estatal... es de la gente q
's licenses. governor jerry brown signed the bill in front of a cheering crowd. the bill was backed by law enforcement and insurance companies. they want to make sure that immigrants are properly trained and tested before they take to the streets. >>> it's your chance to get the cheapest iphone ever, ever, ever. where can you get one for just 50 bucks? >>> plus, new evidence in the road rage incident that involved a group of bikers and a family in their suv. this morning, the wife of the suv driver now sharing her side of the story. >>> and rough water. a soldier finds himself in a serious situation while kayaking. and an unlikely hero comes to his rescue. babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks. a healthy baby is worth the wait. >>> welcome back. twitter is one step closer to going public in one of the most highly anticipated ipos of the year. the company has released a prospectus that shows its income is growing. but it is still losing money. twitter stock will go on sale in about three weeks. the price per share hasn't been set yet. but the company is looking to raise at l
with for the team. and for the last decade, keith brown has been part of the women's basketball program. he was named head coach last season, and in just a few weeks before the start of this season he's being accused of unprofessional conduct. brown as well as coach tim valentine have been placed on administrative leave. we were unable to speak to players about the league. while the university won't speak on camera, they did release this statement. two weeks ago concerns were raised regarding unprofessional conduct and the use of inappropriate language in coaching the georgetown university women's basketball team. georgetown takes very seriously any allegation of this conduct and the university has an established review process that carefully investigates such cases. many of brown's current and former players have come forward to defend the coach. one of his former players tells news 4 that brown has an intense style, but he never verb bally abused any of the women. >>> developing right now, president obama sits down with cnbc, weighing in on the deadlock in congress. that interview is just
, tim brown. [ applause ] >> thank you very much. elise. she left out number 81 in your program but number one in your heart she left that part out. so it is a pleasure to be here today. we are here to recognize two outstanding 911 youth heroes and four incredible 911 dispatch heroes. these youngsters acted with bravely and confidence, and in an imagine crisis situation and helped to save the lives of their loved ones. our 4, 911 dispatch heroes worked behind the scenes in cooperation with law enforcement and fire and emergency medical response, the men and women who answer this call each day are the true first responders when a emergency strikes which can often make the difference between life-and-death between people in need. they are truly real heroes. please join me in welcoming the director of san francisco management lisa hofmann. [ applause ] >> thank you, tim and thank you elise and kelley from 911 for kids, every year they make this a successful ceremony in honoring children, heroes and dispatchers who are really the people that make it happen to save other people's liv
under the brown accountant we can't not all meet and there will be a fair amount of work and i'm concerned if there's only one member and whatever comments are made won't be heard by the rest of the commission. mime recommendation would be an alternative perhaps on and on online but to relieve the staff of to hold whatever type of meeting in october >> commissioner limb. >> the other alternative probably is during open enrollment where we have a day of open enrollment held at the certify office probably there could be a have you seen you where some of the commissioners would be there not a meeting but to hear from the members what's going on or what their concerns are. so it's if a lot of us would be there to hear from the members that's another alternative during open enrollment >> commissioner frazier and in the absence of having a city attorney here even if there's a quorum of committee it's noticed and held as a committee so just people in the room conducting business would be a problem. >> i agree with commissioner frazier it would have to be noticed some how because o
the arctic to chart the toll of climate change, terrell brown has the story of what these men found. and the car collectors field of dreams. barry petersen shows us vintage cars on the auction block. >> $140,000! to captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening, i am jim axelrod with a western edition of the broadcast. it was the deadliest day for fire fighters since 9/11, 19 members of the granite mountain hotshots were killed fighting a wildfire in and around yarnell arizona in june. today, the state released the results of its investigation, carter evans reports from arizona on the great deal of confusion and lack of communication that helped make it such a deadly day. >> reporter: the investigation revealed radio communication problems between commanders and firefighters in the field contributed to the chain of events that led to the deaths of 19 granite mountain hotshots, at one point they lost radio contact for 30 minutes. >> we do know there was, where they were not communicating, we. >> while out of communication, the hotshots tried to
will be official misconduct and the willful failure of any elected official and the brown act or the public records act will be deemed official misconduct. and complaints, involving allegations of willful violations of this ordinance, the brown act or the public records act by elected officials or department heads of the city and county of san francisco, shall be handled by the ethics commission. added by proposition g11299. that is 14 years ago. i will read that last sentence again, complaints involving allegations of willful violations of this ordinance, the brown act by the department heads or elected officials of the city and county of san francisco shall be handled by the ethics commission. now my reading of that is that it is unequivical there are no if, ands or butt and if you know anybody in that position or this position you are not going to do it. and it was suggested to ask whether the commission has read this section. and i hope that you have and i would like to know how you justify cutting a piece of jurisdiction out when the law as it is written here appears to be unequivocal. thank y
the child was unharmed. first reports came in at about 2:30 p.m. senator sheri brown described what they heard. >> we thought we heard shots. there are a lot of police cars. >> we heard pops. three, four, five. >> u.s. capitol were on lock down so was pennsylvania avenue outside of the white house. >> this appears to be isolated matter with no to terrorism. >> a u.s. capitol police officer whose car flipped when a barricade went up in the area. u.s. kpom police are not getting paid. they're considered essential personnel but won't see a paycheck until the shut down ends. >> california senator barbara boxer says he looked at each other because we've never heard sounds like this, then knew something terrible happened. we said come down and stand with us in the stairwell and stayed away from window autos join a majority leader in expressing our gratitude to police. >> house of representatives broke into alouse in honor of the capitol police, as you heard abc news learned police are in the getting paid during the shut down. and we have dramatic pictures of the shooting from people on th
on governor jerry brown's desk. the controversial political issue surrounding a dozen bills. >> we will show you how the federal shut down affects the bay area fire readiness. >> bart today said the union's latest offer still leave it is two sides too far apart. last month, bart said the union proposal put the parties 112 million parties apart. then they lowered it to $100 million. this week, a new proposal reduced it to 89 million, but in addition to that, they cannot agree on pay raises or the length of the contract. we are now just six days away from the end of the cooling off period ordered by governor brown. bart's unions tell us they will give a 72 hour notice of an impending strike possibly on monday. >> governor brown still has more than a dozen bills to sign or veto before the bill signing deadline. the bills were introduced as part of a wave of gun legislation. one bill would ban sales of semiautomatic rifles with detach bl magazines. another would require gun owners to acquire a safety certificate. >> i believe there is an opportunity for rational explanation and debate on these i
a pro." the browns are the best team in the a-f-c north... yep, true story.... cleveland's 3- and-2. some more truth... starting quarterback brian hoyer is out for the rest of the season... with a torn a-c-l. happened last night in the browns 37-24 win over the bills. . the browns are back to how they started the season... with brandon weeden as starting q-b. big games tonight in high school football... mount st. joe at gilman... milford mill at kenwood... that's tonight at 10-50 and 11-30 on sports unlimited... a... pleasant surprise... for one texas man. reggie theus... makes a decent living... working as... the area director... for a restaurant .../. but... he... knew something was off ... when he checked... his bank account.../ and... saw ... more... 'zeroes' than usual..../ reggie... had... more than... four trillion dollars in his account. i logged out and logged back in eight times just to see if it was still there, and every time it was still there. / i looked it up and there's never been a trillionaire before. so i think technically i may be the first ever." reggie's right.
marlon brown who is quickly becoming one of his quick targets. this rookie quarterback, like most up and down. this one, up. the bills were missing two starters in the second army. flacco said, that's okay, i'll throw to the everyone else who is out there. 5-6, ravens 0 for 2 on the road. they lose 23-20 today. >> when you throw the ball to them five times you don't give yourself -- you don't keep yourself on the field and give yourself enough opportunities to take advantage of that. >> we didn't play well. we didn't play well at all. i'll take responsibility for that. it was a poor performance. >> coach harbaugh taking responsibility for it. flacco lost that one. how about the browns? brian hoyer with the parabular ball there. browns win 17-6. everybody 2-2 in the afc north execht the cereals who, oh by the way, hoping the change of scenery would help. adrian peterson is good on any continent. ♪ sometimes i feel i gotta run away ♪ ben roethlisberger just banged up today. pittsburgh off to its worst start, 0-4, since 1968. >>> no reason to show you bucs highlights except this. to
no al obama care. >>> también en california, el gobernador jerry brown firmó la ley para que dos millones de indocumentados pudieran tener licencia de conducir jaime garcía con la información (aplausos) (gritos) >>> si se pudo. >>> sí se pudo dijo el gobernador de california, uniéndose al coro popular que festejó la promulgación de ley que le da derecho de licencia de conducir a los inmigrantes indocumentados de california, como josé díaz. >>> no podemos con la crisis, o trabajamos para las diversas ciudades, y el departamento de policía nos quita los carros o nos dejan trabajar y sostener a nuestra familia >>> el propósito de la ley es hacer las calles más seguras, afirmó el jefe del departamento de policía más grande de california, donde más de un millón y medio de personas que conducen sin licencia, podrían someterse a una prueba de manejo para obtener el documento. >>> sabemos que nuestra gente dice que quiero mi licencia para manejar. >>> con la firma del gobernador queda en manos del departamento de motores y vehículos la implementación de esta licencia,
if these guys can't even agree on the post basic gesture, it's just so petty. i mean, jon, if chris brown and drake could make-- . >> jon: what, no, no. >> yeah. >> jon: they made up. >> yes. >> jon: no, when. >> in vegas this weekend. and they went way further than handshakes, jon, they hugged it out. and if they can go from no-mance to bromance in one night why can't obama andrew hani stand a little hand on hand contact. >> jon: by the way we're drake in this right. >> hell yeah, iran is chris brown, yeah. (applause) >> jon: does that make ree hannah israel. >> yes, exactly. exactly. i mean she has the right to exist and all but she does some wacky [bleep]. >> the point is, jon, if those two can settle their hip-hop beef so should we. obama andrew hani didn't even shake hands. just to extend a gesture it doesn't matter how small, like a high five, maybe pound it out. >> jon: fist bump, couple guns, ba boom. >> totally. even a sup would have been okay. >> jon: why is shaking hand so hard. >> i don't know. they consider a chance to gain strategic advantage with biological warfare, lick yo
is working with a number of new receivers like rookie marlon brown. they'll be finding out what they have in new offensive tackle eugene monroe practicing for the first time as a raven just yet. >>> so the ravens will be looking for their first road win of the season this sunday in miami. you can see that game right here on wjz 13. our live coverage begins sunday afternoon at 1:00. of course, florida is kind of in the news today because of the weather they're having right now. >> and karen is kind of moving far left of florida. so by the time the ravens get there they may have a chance of some showers on sunday, 88 degrees. karen will have left the building and actually the remanence will be heading our way by then. it will be kind of in between. around the carolinas by then. >> and not coming here in a big way. >> not in a big way. much needed rain without all the problems. >> cool. >>> today 84 degrees, sunshine with some showers or thunderstorms in the afternoon possibly. widely scattered. >>> a pretty nice warn at the christopher columbus statute. hi, ron. >> reporter: good morning, g
. >> >> that's right. keith brown is entering his second season as head coach. but he's been a part of the program for almost a decade. he's currently on paid administrative leave for an unknown amount of time. they are sending out mass e-mails to defend a coach. >> this is crazy. this is disgruntled folks who are no longer part of the program. >> reporter: monica was captain of the george town women's basketball team two years ago. at the time keith brown was an tant coach. >> he's very in your face. he's loud. but he did whatever needed to be done to win. it was never at the expense of his layers. he's all about georgetown. >> georgetown has placed brown and assistant coach tim valentine on paid administrative leave. two weeks ago concerns were raised regarding unprofessional conduct and the use of inappropriate language in coaching the university's basketball team. georgetown takes very seriously any allegations of misconduct and will carefully investigate such cases. did you ever hear him rbally becau because your team? >> no, we're talking about a guy who is very passionate abo
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